The 2017 appropriation cycle is coming up. Applications are due October 31, 2017. The final available tax collected will not be known until later in the fall but roughly $500,000 is collected annually. All money directly benefits the Gardiner Tax District.

Per the initial ballot language
, there are set distributions that include:
  • 5% district operations
  • 5% reimbursed to business collecting
  • 10% property tax relief (credit on bill)
  • 10% visitor center operations
  • 15% visitor center capital grant
The ballot allocates remaining funds to be awarded to applicants for:
  • 5% community services and cultural grants
  • 50% infrastructure/community development
The board appropriates this money through an application process every year.

Who can apply? Any governmental unit, nonprofit corporation, or association that can be legally bound by the Agreement.

How to apply? Application copies are available at the Chamber Visitor Center or online at on the FAQS&FORMS tab.

Applicants are asked to attend the November meeting for Board Q&A. Public comments are also requested at this meeting. Appropriations are made at the December meeting.  More questions? Call 848-1005, email, or visit The public is welcome and encouraged to attend monthly board meetings. Dates are announced in the Chamber Newsletter and the Livingston Enterprise.