Below is a list of projects to be funded with 2017 Summer Season collections. Huge thanks to all the volunteers in our community!

Greater Gardiner Community Council
$12,083 for Community Center Fundraising Grant Writer (roll-over)
$7,000 for Flooring Repairs related to hazmat abatement (roll-over)
$16,599 for Gardiner Jail Stabilization
$88,047 for Community Center Design Final Phase
Gateway Hose Company
$80,000 for Building Addition to house emergency vehicles

Gardiner Water & Sewer
$80,000 for Water Main Replacement

Gardiner Snoopy Cooperative Preschool

$4,881 for Gardiner-Based Yellowstone Adventure Camp
Gardiner Chamber of Commerce
$14,719 for Gardiner Visitor Center Carpet Replacement
$3,718 for Bear-Proof Trash Can Wraps and Pick-Up and Park Street Can Addition
$16,000 for Electrical Service at Arch Park Stage

Electric Peak Arts Council
$2,300 for Youth Initiative
$5,000 for Ukulele Initiative
$1,300 for Shakespeare in the Parks
$1,000 for Touring Artist Opportunity Fund

Bear Creek Council
$2,730 for School Projector Equipment

Gardiner Public Schools
$200,000 for Roof Replacement

Three board seats are up for election this spring. Anyone interested in running for the board must submit a Declaration of Nomination. The window for submission is December 14, 2017 to February 12, 2018 at 5 p.m. Declarations are available at the Chamber office or here...

Details on the election process are available on the Faqs & Forms tab. We will have a Q&A session at the January 2018 board meeting for any interested applicants.
The following is a list of applications that were made for resort tax funds. Applications are currently be evaluated to determine if they are legally qualified. Those determinations will be made before the November 14 meeting and any applications not qualified will be removed from consideration. At that meeting, the board will have a chance to question applicants and public comment will be gathered. At the December 11 meeting, the board will vote on applications. 

The public is welcome to attend meetings and comments are welcomed at any time. Comments can be:

  • Emailed to, 
  • Mailed to P.O. Box 510, Gardiner, MT 59030, or
  • Submitted online at 
Comments received by the November meeting will be read at the November meeting during the Public Comment period. Comments received by the December meeting will be read at the December meeting before the board votes.

Bear Creek Council
Enrichment through Projection Arts: $5,730
Bear Creek Council is seeking funds to purchase a digital projector, associated hardware, and a large projection screen for the Gardiner School multipurpose room for use during special events that benefit the school and community. 

Electric Peaks Arts Council
Shakespeare in the Park: $1,300
The Electric Peaks Arts Council is asking for support from the Gardiner Resort Area District to offer Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (MSIP) in the summer of 2018.

Youth Initiative: $2,300
EPAC is expanding the youth initiative that includes in-school workshops, free admission to shows for students, and a performance workshop chosen in coordination with a student group. Our strategic plan to increase youth participation was successful last year and we would like to build upon that success.

Ukulele Initiative: $5,000
EPAC is requesting funds for two related ukulele projects for 2018. First, the purchase of ukuleles for the music education department at the Gardiner Public School. Second, an evening performance and school workshop by virtuoso ukulele player James Hill in late 2018.

Touring Artist Opportunity Fund: $1,000
Often times touring bands are playing in nearby towns and could also perform in Gardiner on short notice for modest fees. With an “opportunity fund” in place EPAC could schedule these bands when the chance arises; these opportunities often come up unexpectedly without much advance notice.

Gardiner Park County Water & Sewer District
Asbestos Cement Water Main Replacement: $80,000
This would begin the process of replacing our aged and obsolete cement asbestos water main. This project would replace approximately 420 feet of pipe.

Gardiner Chamber of Commerce
Arch Park Stage Electricity: $18,000
In 2016, the new Arch Park Stage was unveiled however, due to time constraints electricity was never run to the stage. This year we hope to be able to run electricity to the stage and in the process, create a functional open-air music and performance venue for the community.

Park Street Bear Proof Trash Cans & Public Art Wraps: $3,718
Park Street has trash and recycling bins located at either end of Park Street but there is not a trash receptacle located in the center. Placing a public, bear proof receptacle at the Chamber building will help reduce litter and keep the environment clean and safe for visitors, residents and wildlife.

Carpeting for the Gardiner Visitor Center: $14,720
This winter we completed renovations on the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center. The renovations greatly improved the visitor experience and we have gotten repeated compliments from visitors and residents on the new space. Replacing the carpeting in the main building will be the final stage of these renovations.

Gardiner Public Schools
School Roof Replacement: $350,000
The school had some work completed approximately three years ago as an attempt to prolong the life of the roof; however, the roof is now leaking to a point where all shingles must be replaced. This request is for the shingle portion located on the north end of the building.

5th Grade, Expedition Yellowstone Trip: $4,760
Funds are requested to help cover the cost of the Expedition Yellowstone 4 day, 3 night trip into Yellowstone National Park for 5th grade students. Students attend a curriculum based, residential program to learn about the ecology, human history, geology and preservation of Yellowstone’s natural and cultural resources.

Gardiner Snoopy Cooperative Preschool
Yellowstone Adventure Camp: $4,882
YAC offers outdoor-centered learning to grades K-6 of the Mammoth/Gardiner community. It runs Monday-Thursday during nine weeks of summer, focusing on learning about Yellowstone through themed programming. This request will cover four Gardiner-based weeks and will incorporate visual arts, STEAM, music, dance, and theater.

Gateway Hose Company Fire & Ambulance
Building Addition: $80,000
A 30’x36’ building addition is needed to house a new ambulance and other equipment. The department is currently utilizing all its existing floor space. The addition of a water tender (priority #1) and a replacement ambulance (priority #3) will require two additional interior spaces and applicable doorways.

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Community Center Design–Final Phase: $88,047
This will be the final phase of design/engineering for the renovation of the community center, tying all previous components into one set of CD’s. This will not include permitting or bid documents, as those steps will happen when enough money is raised for significant phase completion (construction).

Gardiner Jail Stabilization and Protection: $16,599
This request is for a new roof (to prevent further deterioration), fence (to prevent encroachment), and a simple interpretive exhibit. These repairs will protect the building for the present time while a more comprehensive historic restoration is assessed for the future of this historic structure. 

The 2017 appropriation cycle is coming up. Applications are due October 31, 2017. The final available tax collected will not be known until later in the fall but roughly $500,000 is collected annually. All money directly benefits the Gardiner Tax District.

Per the initial ballot language
, there are set distributions that include:
  • 5% district operations
  • 5% reimbursed to business collecting
  • 10% property tax relief (credit on bill)
  • 10% visitor center operations
  • 15% visitor center capital grant
The ballot allocates remaining funds to be awarded to applicants for:
  • 5% community services and cultural grants
  • 50% infrastructure/community development
The board appropriates this money through an application process every year.

Who can apply? Any governmental unit, nonprofit corporation, or association that can be legally bound by the Agreement.

How to apply? Application copies are available at the Chamber Visitor Center or online at on the FAQS&FORMS tab.

Applicants are asked to attend the November meeting for Board Q&A. Public comments are also requested at this meeting. Appropriations are made at the December meeting.  More questions? Call 848-1005, email, or visit The public is welcome and encouraged to attend monthly board meetings. Dates are announced in the Chamber Newsletter and the Livingston Enterprise.

Since the District collected over $500,000 in 2016, an independent financial audit was required by Montana state law (in the 2017 legislative session, that amount was raised to $750,000 for future years). The audit was conducted by a state-approved Certified Public Accountant who reviewed accounting practices and activity. A paper copy is available at the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce for public review. 

View the report online...
We're excited to announce the projects that were funded with money collected over the 2016 summer season. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers in our community doing such good work!

Gateway Hose Company Fire & Ambulance

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)  $63,480

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Community Center Renovation Grant Writer  $12,083

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Community Center Entry/Foyer Renovation Design  $33,276

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Community Center Hazardous Materials Abatement  $107,450

Electric Peak Arts Council
Youth Initiative  $1,950

Electric Peak Arts Council
Shakespeare in the Parks 2017 $1,300

Electric Peak Arts Council
Stage Curtains  $5,589

Bear Creek Council
Bear Aware Trash Bins  $12,514

Gardiner Water District
Hydrant Replacement  $53,400

The following is a summary of projects submitted for funding from 2016 taxes collected. Summaries are provided by the applicants. The board will have a Q&A meeting on Monday, November 14, at 7 p.m. at the Gardiner Chamber to learn more. Appropriation decisions will be made at the December meeting.

Gateway Hose Company Fire & Ambulance
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)  $63,480
SCBA units are mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) recognized by all Standard setting fire authorities (NFPA). These units are required when possible hazardous respiratory conditions exist such as smoke inhalation during structural/vehicle fires or harmful inhalation during overhaul operations, propane gas releases and working in confined spaces.

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Community Center Renovation               $750,000
This project will stabilize, restore, and modernize the Gardiner Community Center, maintaining its historic character while making it usable for the 21st century.

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Community Center Entry/Foyer Renovation Design   $33,276
This project will develop a design to provide a handicap accessible entrance to the facility with handicap accessible restrooms and a wheel chair lift. The plan will include construction documents, project budget, and timeline for the proposed renovation.

Greater Gardiner Community Council
Project Name: Community Center Hazardous Materials Abatement        $107,450
This project will develop a plan for the abatement of known hazardous materials in the Gardiner Community Center. This will be for the removal of hazardous materials identified in 2015. The plan will include hazardous material abatement documents, project budget, timeline for the proposed hazardous material abatement, and abatement oversight.

Spay Neuter Project
2017 Spay and Neuter Gardiner Initiative         $500
Provide a low-cost option for spay or neuter and/or vaccination services for underserved pet and free roaming/feral cat and dog populations within the Gardiner Resort Area District.

Electric Peak Arts Council
Youth Initiative         $1,950
Electric Peak Arts Council is working to create a youth initiative that will include in-school workshops, free admission to shows for students and a performance/workshop chosen in coordination with a student group. Increasing youth participation in arts program was one of the major priorities identified in our strategic plan.

Electric Peak Arts Council
Shakespeare in the Parks 2017 $1,300
The Electric Peaks Arts Council is asking for support from the Gardiner Resort Area District to offer Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (MSIP) in the summer of 2017.

Electric Peak Arts Council
Stage Curtains        $5,589
The Gardiner School is the hub of activity for the community of Gardiner. The stage area is the multi-purpose room is used by many community organizations, including the Electric Peak Arts Council (EPAC). The curtains on the school’s stage are in disrepair and need to be replaced.

Bear Creek Council
Bear Aware Trash Bins    $15,044
Bear Aware Trash Bins will provide accessible disposal of garbage for locals through residential bear receptacles and provide “public” receptacles for everyone to dispose of garbage that keeps the environment clean and safe for bears, as well as other wildlife. Using these safe bins will provide a safe environment for humans and wildlife.

Gardiner Water District
Hydrant Replacement       $53,400
The Gardiner-Park County Water District is a local government agency that supplies drinking water to Gardiner. The District was formed in 1965.
The Gardiner Resort Area District Public Record Book is now available for viewing at the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center. This book includes ballot information, election results, resolutions, meeting minutes, and board information. 
Based on feedback from last year's applicants, we added an executive summary question, a request for a detailed project budget, and some accounting definitions. The new form is on the FAQS&FORMS tab.
In order to avoid a conflict with an Electric Peak Arts Council presentation, the November meeting has been changed to Monday, November 14th.